Message from the Director of the Board

Since the last From the Chair Report we have seen the senior and masters’ teams begin their 2018 season. We have mixed success on the scoreboard but the endeavour and the way our teams have applied themselves has been great. As we continue this approach I am sure success will become the norm.

Well done.

This week sees the Champions of the Future begin their 2018 season. We 5 teams in our youth section – a girls and a boys U10, an U12, an U14 and an U16 team competing in the HV competitions. The younger ones on Saturday morning and the others on Friday night. This week all teams play away. On behalf of the rest of the Club we wish them well. The focus being that they learn to enjoy our great game and continue to improve their own skills and ability to work as team. Good luck everyone!

Due to work commitments and full time studying Nick Freisler is reviewing his role in the Club. He and I are currently looking at what this may look like and I hope to be able to give a complete outline of this in the coming weeks. I believe Nick has done a great job across many aspects of how we structure the Club, market it and in establishing solid practices across the Club. The new look webpage, newsletters, etc are a prime example of his work. In the meantime, any operational issues that need a resolution should be directed to me.

We have run several days of clinics at Werribee Primary School and Our Lady of the Southern Cross – hopefully this will translate to more kids for our Tuesday night WDHL program. Thanks Holly, Rhia and Jenna for your support.

Hopefully you have seen the Social Events Calendar for the season – great to have Jenna Cowlishaw take on this role. Looks like a lot of fun. Please support the events. Check out the website for more info.

Some Updates:

Ciriello Coaching Academy: began on Monday night with Lou and Erin working with our youth and junior coaches. As of next Monday 30th April Lou and Erin will be working with our young players and coaches together to develop their skills. Each person is taught at their level and this is an outstanding opportunity to be taught by the experts. Please make the effort

Minkey Lights – they are working as of the evening of Tuesday 24th. This will make a great difference to our senior teams in particular, having well lit surfaces to do their warm ups on prior to getting on the main pitch for their late night training. This also allows us to run extra training sessions if required. The Community have access on Monday 7:00 – 9:00pm and Sunday 5:00 – 7:00pm – this means we cannot exclusively use it at these times.

Grants – we have been successful in receiving a Sporting Clubs’ Grant for Coaching Development – this will allow us to run a Level 1 Coaches Course at Werribee to support our coaches. More info as we find out when this can be run. In the meantime, if you are coaching or are interested in coaching go to Hockey Ed – set up an account, complete your online Community Coaching course and see me to organise a time for me to watch you conduct a session and be signed off. Then commence the Level 1 course.

I am away from 2nd May to 18th May if you have any questions or issues please see the relevant section leader.

Let’s hear the ROAR! Lyn Tout, Chair of the Board

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