Update from Chair of the Board

We are at the final rounds of Home + Away games!

– U 12 – U16’s have played their last home and away weekend and seniors play theirs this weekend.

-U10’s and WDHL continue into September.

Great news in that we have 6 of our teams in finals – congratulations and good luck to:

-Under 12’s who finished 2nd – play at PEGS Saturday morning at 11:15 am

-Under 14’s who finished 4th – play at PEGS Friday night at 7:30 pm

-Men’s VL2 who should hold onto 4thposition with a win this week

-Men’s VL2 Reserves who will finish 2nd

-Men’s Masters A with one game to go will finish in the four

-Women’s Masters – will also finish in the top three.

I am sure you will all do your best to ensure that we have a strong band of the Yellow and Black army supporting them in their endeavours to bring home the flag!

Check out our Facebook page and/or HV fixtures for details of each final.

We have all our spectator merchandise on special – so ensure you look the part and ask your coordinator for help to purchase your spectator merchandise.

Further Updates:

Landscaping Works:

You will notice a bit of work happening around the pitch and clubrooms. This work includes putting a road into the ambulance gate, garden beds on either side of this, garden beds along fence line of pitch, resurfacing of the concrete, extra seating in front of the pavilion and benches to stand at outside the canteen. The work will take 6 – 8 weeks and is sure to make the whole complex look much tidier and more welcoming.

Summer hockey:

We will be running JBall and Hockey Sixers on Wednesday nights beginning 7th November. These teams will be mixed aged, gender and ability and the focus will be on having fun and building connections. We are hoping to engage many of the youth in Wyndham who are currently not connected to a sporting group. Come along, have fun and help build our Club.

2. We are also hoping to have an inter club competitive summer hockey competition. We are waiting to see what the response is from other clubs. Stay tuned.

3. I am looking for people to help with ensuring these comps are up and running – let me know when you can help.

Team Werribee v Team India:

On Saturday 2nd November, we are planning a day to coincide with the Diwali Festival that is held at Presidents’ Park. We hope to field both a men and women’s team. We will also run activities on the Minkey pitch to promote our summer comp and attract people to that as well as our winter comp for 2019. I look forward to your support with this.

Do you have book keeping or accounting skills?

We are currently seeking someone to take on the role of Director of Finance for 2019. For more info contact either myself or our current Director Jude Gall.

Lots of other areas that you can help out in:

Let the Board know what you are interested in, we are sure we can find a way that you can assist us grow our club in 2019. Send me an email or catch any of the current committee around the Club to talk about how you can help. This can range from taking on a Coordinator’s role to assisting with a social function to running a fund raiser.

Congratulations to everyone on their endeavours throughout the season and every good wish to our teams in their final’s pursuits.


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