2020: Club status after Easter

Updated: May 6, 2020

By Lyn Tout

Tigers’ Updates from the Board.

Week ending 10th April 2020

We trust this finds you and your family well and coping with these very different times. We are sure you are missing the gatherings at the Club. We definitely are.

The original commencement of the senior season has passed, and we are yet to take the pitch in a game, but we are sure you understand the need to reduce the impact of COVID-19. Please stay safe.

At the time of writing this we do not have a starting date for the season. The Board has been involved with online forums with Hockey Victoria discussing the impact this is having on our Clubs. Over the next 7 weeks there will be three more online forums to discuss competition scenarios for 2020 and the impact of each scenario.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Board will be discussing the scenarios Hockey Vic put forward with the senior coaches and leadership groups so that we have a club perspective to take to Hockey Vic. All scenarios are dependent on the State Government restrictions being lifted for community sport. Both Hockey Vic and the Board are keen for hockey competition to begin as soon as it is safe to do so. When we get definite dates, we will advise you asap.

Hockey Vic will also be providing the clubs with some modelling re a fee structure for each competition scenario and what discounting of fees will occur. Currently Wyndham Council is not charging us for the ground and pavilion. Once the season begins, there will be some charge. Once the Board has an understanding of both Hockey Vic and Council fees and the length of the season we will be able to draft a fee structure for our Club, reflecting any reduced fees by HV and WCC.

Regardless of the starting date and the length of the season the Club has fixed costs, including power, security, bank fees, insurance, website costs, coaching costs (our coaches have worked extremely hard with our preseason and in working with their section to keep players connected and fit – we thank them for this),. We also stand to lose money from sponsorship, the canteen and players fees – so this year we will need to monitor our expenses very closely and maximise our income. Once we get a start date, we will be planning a big day for our first home games – something that the whole club – junior, senior and masters, can be involved with.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing, via Facebook a competition re the best skill/trick videos by our members – these videos will be feature on the website as well – so stay tuned! There will be prizes.

We will also be running a skill of the week session. This will be a skill demonstrated by our senior men and women and everyone will be encouraged to do this at home. If you do not have a hockey ball – please contact Jayden (operations.whc@gmail.com) to organise to collect one from the Club.

We will provide information to you whenever the situation changes. In the meantime, please keeping working on both your hockey skills and your fitness levels ensuring that we are in the best position possible once the season begins.

Stay safe and healthy folks, hoping to see you back on the pitch in the not so distance future.

We all hope you had a happy Easter.

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