UPDATE: The Club [28th April 2020]

Updated: May 6, 2020

By Lyn Tout

For those of you with Facebook you will have seen the address from Andrew Skillern CEO Hockey Victoria, in relation to what Hockey Victoria are trying to do to get us back on the pitch. This can also be viewed from within our website - https://www.werribeehc.com.au/

I also want to assure you that the Board is working closely with HV and between ourselves to ensure we are in the best place to hit the pitch as soon as we get the go ahead. We have been in touch with several players and coaches to ensure that the Board is reflecting the broader Tigers’ community in our planning. We will also be developing a new budget as soon as we are aware of the new fee structure from HV and the Council and this will be relayed to you as soon as viable.

We understand that many of you will be doing things very differently at the moment and this can cause a number of issues for our health, both mental and physical. Please reach out if you need help, we have access to several resources and can support you to access these. We will also set up a place on our website with a list of resources for people who want them.

How is your fitness going? Have you been able to maintain it since we stopped training together? I know the senior coaches have been encouraging you to maintain and build on it. There are also lots of fitness programs online. If you find a good one share it with your teammates and/or coach.

Are you aware of the Wyndham Together site? It is the main platform for WCC communication with residents and includes online classes/workshops/activities to do at home as well as including an online event and program section. Check it out at https://www.wyndhamtogether.com.au/

Did you see the post re #SHOWUSYOURSKILLS comp – home edition? Record yourself and/or family doing some cool hockey skills/tricks etc and send it through to Jess via Facebook or email Jessica.falduto@gmail.com If you need a hockey ball – let us know and we will organise one for you – free! Prizes will include Club Merchandise and canteen cards. If you need help check out some of the skills that Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria have been posting.

Don’t forget to get behind our Pink Round on May 9th with a virtual 5km walk on Strava/Fitness app. We have been supporting this charity for several years. Unfortunately, breast cancer continues to strike people during all times. So, get out and enjoy a 5km walk or do it on the tread mill and/or make you donation to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Our donation link is


Have any of you visited any of our sponsors lately? If so, how about you send us a report on what you did with them and how you found their products?

Hockey Victoria are also holding online courses for Level one Umpiring and coaching in the next month. Keep a look out for these – a great way to keep up to date with hockey and of upskilling yourself. Once you do the online course you will then do the practical assessment once the season gets up and running.

To those of you working in the essential services – medical, police, food industry, transport, etc., we thank you and trust that you are all stay safe.

The Board extends every good wish to all our members and trust you are staying safe and maintaining a healthy life balance.

Remember the Tiger Army is in this together - if you need help reach out.

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