February report from the chair

The Board have met and had extensive conversations and a major review of our current financial situation.  We have made significant losses over recent seasons and this is a situation that cannot continue. 

2018 was slightly better than the previous season with a loss of $7,870.89, however we also reduced our investment by $6,500 so in effect we spent $14,370 more than we received.

The costs of putting a team on the field has increased as has other fees such as power, rates, etc.  It costs The Club $65,124.50 (entry fees, umpires, coaches, games at SNHC) to field all of our teams, that is without any of the other costs of running the Club, such as: electricity, ground and clubroom hire, insurance, equipment, cleaning, etc.  So, as I’m sure you have already come to understand, we will have to increase fees for 2019.  However, this will not cover the shortfall in our deficit, so we are asking everyone to be supportive of our efforts to improve the financial status of our Club.

Some ways we plan to tackle the situation for 2019:

All members of the men’s and women’s 1stsquads will be asked to seek a Player Sponsorship.  Players will be given a range of Player Sponsorship packages with a minimum of $50 which will go straight to the Club, and sponsorship over $200 giving players 20% off their fees.  All other players are also encouraged to seek a player sponsorship.  For more information see Lyn or Adrian Hillyer, Sponsorship Coordinator for 2019.

Each senior and master’s team will be allocated a home round to organise a raffle – the tickets to be sold over all sections – masters, juniors and seniors – target $2,700 (approx. $300 per 9 home rounds).

The Club will organise two major social/fund raising events for the season – it is expected that all Club members will support these – by attending and/or donating items for auctions/raffles, etc. Target $5,000

Junior section of the Club will be asked to organise some sort of drive across the Club– chocolate, etc and raise target of $4,000. All sections to support this.

Sponsorship will be a major focus – Adrian Hillyer heads this team and will welcome support from all players. Target $18,000.

We will also be focussing on expenditure and working on ways to ensure that we reduce expenses wherever possible.

Fees for 2019:

U10                             $160

Junior                          $240

Junior playing Seniors$380

Senior                          $560

Masters                       $260

Playing both senior & masters $760

Goalkeeper with own gear/Life Member       $230    

Student (full time)      $460

Early bird will attract a $10 reduction but must be paid in full by 16thFebruary.

All fees are to be paid 2 weeks prior to round 1:

Seniors 23rdMarch, 

Masters Men 25thand Women 27thMarch, 

Juniors 19th April. 

No pay, no play!

We understand that all the above seems to be a lot to pay, however if we wish to continue as a viable club, we have to cover our costs.  Payment plans can be arranged through your section coordinator and should be done asap – Seniors if you pay $65 per week from now you will be paid in full in time in time for round 1. 

I hope you all understand how much work has been put into this review and understand the need to address the matter now before the Club becomes financially unviable.

Looking forward to working with you to continue to build this great Club. 

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