2020: From the Chair #2

Updated: May 6, 2020

By Lyn Tout

Great to see the senior members attending training and doing the hard work that is required to be a competitive club. If you haven’t joined us yet please do so asap. Any questions contact:



Some changes for 2020:

The 2020 season brings a few changes. The one that is impacting most on our Club is the removal of the Men’s 35+ Masters Competition. This has left a significant number of our men without a master’s competition – however they have decided to take part in the new Monday night open age competition. Many of these players are guys who have weekend commitments and thus are unable to play in the weekend comp. We look forward to following their progress in this comp – we will have two teams – probably a B and D grade team. This has brought another challenge to the Club – we are currently very short on numbers for our men’s thirds weekend team. If you wish to play men’s weekend comp and are yet to let Daniel (men’s coordinator) know – please do so asap. Team entries are now due! If you know anyone wanting to take up or return to hockey also let him know asap!

Unfortunately, early this week I received Adam Davies resignation as Finance Director of the Club. Adam has had to step down to take care of some personal issues. Our bank account has significantly improved since the beginning of the 2019 season under Adam’s guidance. He will continue to support us by being available for advice on finance matters and has continued to be a Club Sponsor. We extend our thanks to Adam for the work he has done over the past 15 months and extend our best wishes for the future.

For the foreseeable future the Board will absorb the Finance Roles. I will take over the role of Club Treasurer, being responsible for bill payment, bank reconciliation, ATO requirements, etc. Other members of the Board will take on some of the roles I have undertaken in the past. Jayden will be taking on more of the “face” of the Club and will be the first point of contact for members; Holly will oversee the Cleaning; Heinz will do any clerical issues re finance.

The fact that Caroline Dixon has taken on the Grants Role has also greatly freed up my time to be able to do this role. Thanks Caro.

All treasurer matters are still to be directed to:


Fees for 2020:

Information on this has been widely circulated and can also be found on the website. We will not be issuing invoices for fees – please check out what you owe and pay directly into the Club’s Account:

Werribee Hockey Club Inc

BSB 063 622

Account # 1029 9766

If for some reason you need an invoice contact me via the treasurer’s email and I will forward to you.

If you wish to enter a payment plan see your relevant convenor.

The Club receives several significant accounts in January and February – including power bill ($2853), winter season Wyndham Council (approx. $3000) and Hockey Victoria affiliation and team entry fees (approx. $20,000). Payment of fees enables us to be able to pay these in a timely manner without having to withdraw from our Facilities Development fund.

We will be enforcing our NO PAY NO PLAY. You need to be financial by no later than the Tuesday before round 1 of your respective competition. If you have not paid your fees or entered a payment plan prior to the first game you will not be selected in a team. If you need to discuss your payment schedule, please contact your section coordinator, Jayden Street or myself as soon as possible.

Uniforms and Supporters’ Apparel:

Jayden and Daniel have been working hard to organise a new set of Werribee Hockey Club apparel. This will include a warm up/training top – members of our VL1 teams will be required to wear this at all games. We need to look like a professional club to match our efforts on the playing team. There are also hoodies, track pants, jackets and beanies.

Stay tuned for more info on how to order.

2020 and beyond:

The success of any Club is the combined effort of all. Currently we have a great group of people on our Club’s committee however we are still in need of people to fulfill the following positions:

· Men’s section Treasurer - responsible for fee management, including sending invoices, following up on overdue fees, managing time plans, etc

· Social Coordinator – great role for two or more people working together - to plan and conduct social events throughout the year

· Inclusion coordinator – working with others to ensure Whole of Club Training night, Men’s, Women’s and Fair Go Sports rounds are organised, promoted and conducted

· Social Hockey coordinator – to organise social hockey including summer and if possible, a social hockey during winter for those not involved in main competition. This also encompasses liaising with others for events such as the Indo/Aus Diwali Tournament.

I am looking forward to working with you all to make Werribee Hockey Club the club of choice in Wyndham. Please help me – together we can achieve so much.

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