Moving to competition

By Lyn Tout, Chair of the Board

Thank you to all our members and families who have made our training sessions work. A special thank you to Holly and Jayden who have been the main people setting up, undertaking extra cleaning and doing check ins over recent weeks. Thank you also to Maryanne and Lynda have been very regular temperature checkers and to others who have helped out on occasions. All the support has been greatly appreciated.

We are now only two weeks away from competition. HV are committed to rolling out the season unless government restrictions re community sport prevent it. This is a very fluid situation requiring flexibility in our thinking and planning.

Junior competition begins on Friday 17th July – fixture will be available approx. a week before.

Midweek competition begins on Monday 20th July - fixture will be available approx. a week before.

Senior competition begins on Saturday 25th July – we have the draft fixture for Vic League. Pennant and Metro fixture will be available approx. a week before.

The Board are working on ensuring that we have structures and processes in place to ensure that the competition proceeds as smoothly as possible within the restrictions in place by the Victorian Government.

We will not be able to have a day of hockey like we have done in previous years. Under the current restrictions – teams will come, play and then have to leave the complex due to the numbers of people who can be in any area. There are limits are on the number of people who can be in each change room - 6 in visitors, 7 in women’s and 8 in the men’s– no change room can accommodate a full team.

Only those directly connected with a team – players, coach, umpires, tech officials and any medical staff - will be allowed on the playing pitch and change rooms. We will provide an entry and a path to the pitch that limits the interaction with spectators (if they are permitted) for players and officials.

We are currently reviewing whether we can managed spectators within the complex. Under current restrictions the number of spectators is limited to 20 in each area. There are still several questions we have re this – what constitutes an area; how do we determine who is allowed in and who is not; how do we manage any area that spectators enter; etc. We will also have to organise personnel to manage this, along with the entry of players and officials to the complex, while maintaining a safe environment for all.

We will need Club members to volunteer to:

  • Set up/pack up on each game day – including roping off areas and ensuring all signage is in place.

  • Assist with check in – this could involve collecting names and phone numbers, temperature checks, and ensuring that the person enters via appropriate entry.

  • Manage the numbers in a specific area – this may include players after a match, the area outside the canteen, etc. – we have limits on most areas around the Club and encourage social distancing.

  • Clean/sanitise the visitors’ changeroom after each team leaves it – this will involve sanitising all high touch areas – taps, toilets, seats and door knobs. Werribee teams will be responsible to do this at the end of session in the changeroom.

  • Clean/sanitise tables in social area (if open) after each game

Volunteers will be required to register with Holly ( for junior games and Lyn ( for senior and mid week games. This is for home games only. We will advise the numbers and roles as soon as we have a full fixture and a decision when spectators will be allowed.

Volunteers are not counted in the spectator limits.

Registration: Everyone should now be registered with Hockey Victoria – please do so as a matter of urgency if you haven’t. Do so at:


Recently I advised you as to the 2020 COVID-19 fee structure. We would appreciate all fees being paid by the 16th July. Please contact your section coordinator if you have any questions re fees and/or to organise a fee payment plan.

Fees are as below:

  • U10 $150

  • Junior U18 $210

  • Junior playing senior $350

  • Senior – weekend $460

  • Senior – mid-week $460

  • Snr GK with own gear $185

  • Playing Life Members $185

  • Casual game $ 40 per game (less than 8 games)

  • Family discount $ 18-second child, $36 for third, etc.

Pay fees directly into the WHC Bank Account – reference your name and section i.e. L Tout seniors.

Bank Details:

Commonwealth Bank

BSB 063-622

Ac # 1029 9766

If you have already paid the 2020 fee set at the beginning of the season and wish to have the balance refunded, please contact your section coordinator, who will organise this with the Board.

I am sure you join me in thanking the Board. who have spent many hours working with the Wyndham Council and Hockey Victoria, within the guidelines and restrictions of the Victorian Government to ensure that Werribe Hockey Club is ablae to be involved in the winter competition in as safe an environment as possible.

Please remember if you are unwell or exhibiting even the mildest COVID-19 symptoms get tested.

If you are unwell – stay home. If you register a temperature of 37.5 or above at the check in you will be refused entry.

When the guidelines for competion are available (you will be advise by email, website and social media) please familiarise yourself with these to ensure that you understand processes and support those who are implementing and monitoring these on behalf of the Club.

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