September Catch Up

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

By Lyn Tout, Chair of the Board

I trust that you are all well and staying safe in these challenging times. Thank you to the members who have been keeping an eye on the Club rooms and pitch. It is very annoying that we have had the field locks cut off about four times since shut down. Council are working with us in resecuring them each time but we are all challenged as to who is doing this and why this is happening. If you are using Presidents’ Park and see anything that you think is not right – including any gates to pitch being open – please contact either myself or Jayden.

As I am sure you are all aware Victorian restrictions will continue for some time. The best case scenario for our sport, if our figures continue to drop, is non contact sport will be able to begin from October 26th with competitive competion, but no spectators, from November 23rd.

In line with the restricitons HV have announced that they will not be “pursuing any formal, structured metropolitan competitions in 2020.” This is totally understandable given the uncertainty and then if community sport is allowed the summer sports will be beginning and thus people will be torn between sports.

HV are also working through the financial situation. “The HV Board made a decision to provide a full credit of the HV levy (excluding the revSPORT fees, inclusive of processing fees) to all members who have purchased their 2020 HV Individual Membership. Hockey Australia have agreed to fully align with the HV credit approach and provide a full refund on the HA levy component (excluding the revSPORT fees, inclusive of processing fees). Please note that the $12 Insurance Fee is non-refundable and this means that those members who have registered and paid their Individual Registration Fees can still engage in hockey activities, in line with the Government direction, prior to 31 December 2020 and be covered for Personal Injury insurance. Opportunity to Pledge 2020 HV levy Over the past several months, there have been many people expressing their interest in pledging their 2020 fees to HV. All individual members registered in 2020 will have an option to pledge their HV levy fees directly to HV. The information that will be sent to registered individuals will contain information on how to pledge their HV fees. Essentially, members wishing to pledge their HV levy will be asked to complete a short form providing their full name, DOB and email and phone numbers. Please note that members who pledge their HV levy will still receive a credit for HA fees towards 2021 registrations.”

Team entry deposits have been paid by all Clubs and the HV Board has made a decision that HV will retain a portion of that deposit and the remainder will be credited to 2021 season. The portion retained is differentiated according to the highest level the Club plays at. Clubs with their highest team in Vic League will pay $1000 for the 2020 year and the balance credited to 2021. WHC will have almost $2000 credited to the 2021 season – which will be a great start for us.

The major focus of HV for the remainder of 2020 is planning for 2021 and some education workshops that will be run on line. Keep an eye on Facebook or HV site for info on the workshops. Over the coming months HV will be running a number of forums involving Clubs in discussion around season 2021. Some of the thinking at the moment is around an earlier start and a later finish to the season – with a break mid season (recognizing many people had no break in 2020). There will be a number of forums across all levels of competition to ensure wide input. A player survey is also planned to gain an indication of support for a variety of scenarios, probably late this month. Keep an eye on the email that you registered with.

Werribee Hockey Club’s Board will look at how we can provide opportunities for hockey when community competitive sport is once again allowed. Please bear in mind this may not be until early next year. however be assured, we will address the matter as soon as we can.

Currently the Board’s work is on keeping our facilities safe and managing our financial situation. We will also be doing some preliminary planning for 2021 season. Last week we learnt that the government will provide us with an additional $500 to add to the $1000 dollar Survival Grant we received earlier to help us pay our ongoing fixed costs. Fortunately we had a fairly good 2019 and this meant we began the pandemic in a fair financial situation. The grant and the generosity of those individuals who have donated fees or sponsorships have helped us enormously and ensured that we will survive financially, although not be in such a strong a position as we had hoped.

Currently one of our members has generously donated a fund raising product that helps us with the current situation – stay tuned – you will receive further info on this within the next week.

I am sure that all our combined efforts will ensure that we will be back stronger and bolder than ever. A season off may not have been what we planned, but I know for some of us, our bodies will have welcomed the lay off and hopefully all those niggling injuries are well and truly healed by the time we get back to it.

Many of you are missing the social side of hockey, as well as the competition. The Committee will be looking at providing as many opportunities for this to happen as soon as it is allowed.

I truly believe the Tiger Army is strong and bold – and we will survive, continuing to be one of the best clubs and hockey family in the state - well into the future.

Every good wish to each and every one of you and your families. Stay safe and see you hopefully in the not too distant future.

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