UPDATE: The Club Status 8 May 2020

By Lyn Tout

This update will outline the information I have gleaned from meetings I have been involved in with Hockey Victoria and Wyndham City Council over the past fortnight and update and remind you of some of the things the Club is doing during this shut down period. Jayden also attends the Hockey Victoria meetings.

I trust you are all well and finding time to do some hockey things – perhaps some skills, working on fitness?

Thank you to those who responded to the Club survey – a summary of the results are included later in the article. This information drives our planning and response to both Hockey Victoria and the Council.

1. Hockey Victoria Update

Some of our senior players and coaches, and Holly on behalf of the juniors, have been involved in online forums with HV in relation to what they want the season to look like once it begins. These forums and a Club Survey is driving the planning for the resumption of hockey (Our Club used the info gained via our own survey to respond to the HV survey). The response from the 36 Clubs who responded (60%) is as follows:

The trends that are occurring show that there is overwhelming support from clubs and players that want to return. 2 weeks has been the consensus over the time period that clubs require to prepare for competitions. We will keep this open for flexibility. The question of how deep we want to go into the year. The majority are saying go into November.”

In further discussion of the meeting it was noted that there are discussion happening with parent bodies of sports across Vic and it seems that traditional summer sports are most likely to agree to postpone their season opening to November and thus traditional winter sports will be able to proceed to the end of October. This is the most likely scenario for hockey.

Hockey Victoria will work with the state government once any announcement is made re resuming to ascertain what that looks like for hockey. They will seek a clarification for things such as if 10 people in a group can do skills training how many groups of 10 will be allowed on a hockey pitch? HV have asked that Clubs do not resume training until they can formulate guidelines re hockey training. We do not want to be in breach of the rules and be shut down so we will wait for HV advice. Once this has been received, we will proceed within the guidelines – HV’s, Wyndham City Council and any that are specific to our circumstance. We will communicate with members as soon as possible re any resumption of activities for the Club.

HV are also working with the government re some possible grants to support Clubs to rebuild after the shutdown – we wait to hear the outcome of this.

An online Level 1 Coaching Course will be held on 18th and 20th May – 6:00 -8:00pm. Both nights are compulsory. This is a great chance to really get to know more about the game and build on your hockey knowledge. Register at the following site:


2. An update from Council

Council is currently working with the state government to gain an understanding of what sport will look like in the coming weeks/months. They are working to ensure facilities are ready once the government give the go ahead. The Australian Institute of Sport have published some guidelines outlining some possible scenarios for the different levels of restrictions. In summary they are:

  • Level A means we cannot train or play in large groups; Victoria is currently on this Level.

  • Level B begins an easing of restrictions and a move to small groups and training of 10 people.

  • Level C will open up and allow regular training and competitions.

These are guidelines and the government has not committed to them, but it seems a fairly logical way to proceed. We need to wait to see what our State government will decide in the coming days.

Council are looking at ways to support the reintroduction of sport. There is concern that people, in particular young people, will not return to organised sport. Council are looking at ways of promoting sporting clubs within Wyndham once we get the all clear to commence. They are also looking at how to encourage local businesses to sponsor clubs, this would involve the business getting coverage not only by the Club but by Council – giving them a wider audience.

Fees for sporting facilities are being waivered for the duration of shut down and Council are discussing what the fee structure will be once sport resumes.

Council have a range of online sites. Some are support programs, others interest and personal development. Here’s a few to check: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/checkinandchat Check in & Chat is a one-on-one phone chat service, where you’ll be paired with a friendly staff member for a regular chat at a scheduled time and day. The service operates on weekdays, between 9am – 5pm and is open to all ages.

https://wynactive.com.au/ - this site offers a range of things including videos to support fitness and interviews with a range of Wyndham people on how they are coping, and what their business/sport is doing. I was interviewed this week and will be added on Monday 11th.

Check it out at https://www.wyndhamtogether.com.au/- provides a range of activities across the Arts and Culture, What’s On, Health and Activity, Learning & Create, Kids and Youth, etc.

3. Werribee Hockey Club

Do not forget to get behind our Pink Round on May 9th with a virtual 5km walk on Strava/Fitness app. We have been supporting this charity for several years. Unfortunately, breast cancer continues to strike people during all times. So, get out and enjoy a 5km walk or do it on the tread mill and/or make you donation to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Our donation link is http://bcna.force.com/Donations/CICD_Fundraise?id=7010y000001lFLs

We are endeavoring to use our social media sites to:

  • promote some of our history – you may have seen Flashback Friday on Facebook, featuring a highly successful weekend in 2016. There will be further developments with this over the next few weeks. Don’t have Facebook? You can see our Facebook posts on our website. You can read Facebook pages without opening an account – you just cannot interact with the post.

  • Share some skill and fitness sessions – especially those from Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria – presented by our elite hockey players.

  • Share new info as it becomes available.

  • Provide links to detailed info on our webpage - https://www.werribeehc.com.au/

Do not forget to get your entry into the #SHOWUSYOURSKILLS comp – home edition. Record yourself and/or family doing some cool hockey skills/tricks etc and send it through to Jess via Facebook or email Jessica.falduto@gmail.com If you need a hockey ball – let us know and we will organise one for you – free! There are prizes! These include Club Merchandise and canteen cards. If you need help check out some of the skills that Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria have been posting.

Summary of WHC Survey:

We are doing our best to respond to the suggestions – please keep any suggestions coming.

1. What is the latest month you are willing to play for the 2020 season?

  • October 13%

  • November 15%

  • December 25%

  • Any 25%

  • Unsure 22%

2. Are you willing to play 2 games per week to complete the 14-18 game season?

67.5% said Yes and 32.5 % said No.

3. Are you happy to play a reduced amount of rounds?

97.5% said Yes and 2.5% said No.

4. Other comments:

  • Communication – make it regular, good keep it up

  • Fitness and drills to do at home.

  • Old videos of the Club

  • Reduce the fees in line with shorter season

  • Player profiles

  • Jayden to do plank pushups.

Don’t forget I am looking for reviews of your visits to our sponsors? Remember they will be needing our help now – let’s show them we value their inputs into our Club. Send us a report on what you did with them and how you found their products?

Remember the Tiger Army is in this together - if you need help reach out.

Regards Lyn Tout

On behalf of the Board

Werribee Hockey Club.

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